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about Ecuador

The Republic of Ecuador is a country of about 16 million people in the north west of South America. Ecuador (literal translation is the Republic of the Equator!) is bordered by Peru to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and Colombia to the north. Ecuador also includes the famous Galápagos Islands which lie in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometres west of the mainland.


The capital city is Quito, is the second largest city in population (2.3M) and the largest city is Guayaquil (2.7M).


Ecuador used to be the home to several indigenous tribes, and these were collected into the Incan empire by the 15th Century. The Spanish arrived in the 16th Century, so Ecuador today is an ethnically diverse country with a mix of mestizos (mixed descent), and European, Amerindian, and even African people.


the curious wanderer society
Ecuador edition contains:

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  • Explore Ecuador from your home! Learn all about Ecuador and some of the country's most interesting people and places.

  • 3 delicious Ecuadorian recipes to try with your family

  • 3 fun crafts and activities inspired by Ecuador

  • A passport printable for your children to fill in. This printable has the dual purpose of capturing young imaginations and also as a valuable resource for processing and recording your child's learning

  • A quiz game to test your knowledge and reinforce learning

  • A comprehensive resource guide to extend your learning

the vital stats​

  • Population: 16.5 million (2018)

  • Area: 283,561 sq km (73rd in the world)

  • Capital: Quito

  • Official Language: Spanish

  • Say Hello: Buenos días / Buenas tardes

did you know?

  • The national tree of Ecuador is the Cinchona. It's bark is a good source of quinine which was the only treatment for malaria before the mid-20th century.

  • Ecuador is the most bio-diverse country (by area) in the world! For example, it is home to 1,638 bird species (15% of the all the known species worldwide).

  • Ecuador is the world leader in export of bananas.

  • Ecuador’s constitution protects the rights of its plants and animals. By 2008, 20% of Ecuador was designated as protected areas for wildlife.


Ecuadorian Weaving Activity from the Ecuador eBook

sample recipe and activity from

Ecuador: Explore the World from Home Guide


weird and wonderful animals game

In this activity you can play a fun game to create your own animal inspired by Ecuador's biodiversity!


make come y bebe

Come 'ere baby! Is it a fruit salad, or a fruity drink sensation? Whatever you think, come y bebe will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

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