New Zealand map

 New Zealand

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a group of islands to the South East of Australia.

New Zealand consists of two main islands: the North Island and the South Island. New Zealand is also known as Aotearoa – meaning ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ in Maori.

Not only is New Zealand home to the All Blacks, hokey pokey ice cream and the zorb, but we at Curious Wanderer Society HQ call New Zealand home – and we’re beyond thrilled to share a little of our country with you!


the vital stats

  • capital: Wellington

  • official languages: English, Maori, NZ sign language

  • population: 4.8 million (2018)

  • area: 268,680 sq km

  • currency: NZ dollar $

did you know?

  • New Zealand was the first self-governing country in the world to give women the vote. This happened on 19 September, 1893.

  • Even though Ernest Rutherford, a New Zealand, is the father of Nuclear Energy, New Zealand is nuclear free.

  • No place in New Zealand is more than 140km from the ocean!

Maui's Fish Hook
afghan recipe.jpg

make Maui’s fish hook

Maui caught Te Ika a Maui (the North Island) with his magic fish hook. In this craft you can make your own version of Maui’s fish hook.


make afghan biscuits

These delicious cookies, are a classic Kiwi recipe - and oh so easy to make!