• Hana

Bronte Mettlestone Family Book Club: Make a Treasure Chest of Memories Part 01

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

“They’ve left instructions for Bronte. A treasure chest has been placed in the vault at the bank. It’s filled with gifts. Bronte is to deliver these gifts to various people. She must start the journey in exactly three days. Oh, and she’s to do it alone.” - Mr Crozer, the lawyer

As Mr Crozer, the lawyer, explains, during Bronte’s extremely inconvenient adventures she must visit each of her Aunts who are scattered throughout the kingdoms and empires and give them a gift from her parent’s treasure chest.

We thought it would be really fun to take inspiration from Bronte’s adventures and create your own Treasure Chest of Memories as part of the Bronte Mettlestone Family Book Club!

In this activity you need to think of ten people YOU would visit during YOUR extremely inconvenient adventures and WHAT GIFT you would give to them. REMEMBER! Each gift should remind you of a specific memory of the person you are giving it to.


Bronte gives Aunt Emma some cinnamon because of the cinnamon Emma and Bronte’s father stole to make paint for Emma to use in one of her paintings.

Download the worksheet from the resources library so you can record the ten people, gifts and memories that you will use to create your Treasure Chest of Memories!