• Hana

Bronte Mettlestone Family Book Club: Make a Treasure Chest of Memories Part 02

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Bronte Mettlestone - Treasure Chest of Memories
It’s time for you to craft your treasure chest!

The treasure chest turned out to be very small, the size of a large shoe box. For a moment, I thought it shimmered with jewels, but those were only glued-on sequins.

Once you’ve completed the first step in our Bronte Mettlestone Family Book Club activity and filled out the Memories to Give activity page (check this blog post for more info)

It’s time for you to craft your treasure chest! We took our inspiration directly from Bronte’s description above - a shoe box with glued-on sequins!

This part of the activity is a great opportunity to use your imagination! Some supplies you might consider:

  • a shoe-box

  • newspaper and watered-down PVA glue for papiermache

  • paint

  • felt (to line your treasure chest!)

  • sequins or glitter

Let your imagination run wild and most importantly, have fun! This would be a great collaborative project for your family, or (if you are a shoe-box hoarder like me) each member of your family could make their own personal treasure chest!