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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Family Book Club: Make an Enchanted Key Mobile

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

make an enchanted key mobile

When Harry, Hermione and Ron are on their search to find the Philosopher's stone before it falls into the wrong hands, they encounter a room full of enchanted flying keys. One of those keys is going to get our heroes one step closer to the Philosopher's Stone - but how will they find it?!

Luckily, Harry is the youngest quidditch seeker in a century and has a knack for spotting things other people can't! He grabs a broomstick and flies through the room to spot the right key!

In this activity for the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Family Book Club, you will make your own Enchanted Key Template!

You can download an awesome printable with all the details right here.

you will need

  • A copy of the enchanted key template (from the resources page)

  • Printable watercolour card (or thicker card for printing, at least 160gsm)

  • Watercolour paints or your favourite colouring tools

  • Paintbrushes

  • Gold/Silver paint

  • Scissors

  • Craft knife

  • Metallic thread

  • A stick


  1. Decide how many keys you want to print. We have created three different designs, and it's up to you how many keys you want on your mobile. We had seven.

  2. You have two options to colour these enchanted keys. We chose to paint watercolour on to some printable watercolour paper (both sides), allowed it to dry and then printed the enchanted key template directly onto the pre painted paper.

  3. Alternatively, print the enchanted key template onto card first, and then colour in the keys once you've printed them.

  4. The key design is quite intricate. So to cut the keys out you'll need an adult's help. The key outline can be cut out with scissors, and then you'll need to cut out the little pieces on the wings with a craft knife.

  5. OK, once you've got all they keys cut it's time to assemble the mobile!

  6. Grab a large stick. Ours was about 50cm in length. To give our stick interest we wound metallic thread in a bunch of different colours around the stick - this is completely optional.

  7. Using gold thread, we tied one end of thread around the handle of the key, and the other end of thread on the stick. We varied the length of the thread to make the mobile more interesting.

TIP: when we were making the mobile, our kiddos wanted us to distinguish which key it was that would fit in the keyhole, so we painted six of our keys gold, and the final one silver.

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