• Hana

Nevermoor Family Book Club: Make a Wundrous Society Pin

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

A man appeared in the doorway, silhouetted by light. He was tall and slender with wide shoulders. His face was half obscured by a thick woollen scarf, and the remaining half was made of freckles, watchful blue eyes and a long, broad nose. All six-plus feet of him were decked out in a long blue coat over a slim suit with mother-of-pearl buttons – stylish but slightly askew, as if he’d just come from a formal event and was in the process of undressing on his way home. Pinned to the lapel of his coat was a small golden W.

make a wundrous society pin

One of the first things Morrigan notices about Jupiter North is the small golden ‘W’ pinned to the lapel of his coat. As readers, we are made aware of the pin, and wonder what this little detail means for the rest of the story.

The key to Morrigan staying in Nevermoor - and the reason for the four trials that she must go through is to win a place in the city’s prestigious organisation: The Wundrous Society.

In this activity for the Nevermoor Family Book Club, you will make your own Wundrous Society Pin!

You can download an awesome printable from the resources library with all the details right here.

you will need

  • A copy of the pin template

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Thick cardboard (we used cardboard from an old packaging box)

  • Gold Paint

  • Paint Brush

  • Glue

  • Safety Pin

  • Washi Tape


  1. Print out the Pin Template.

  2. Cut out the Pin template

  3. Trace the pin template shapes onto the thick cardboard.

  4. Cut the pieces out.

  5. Paint both sides of each piece gold. Allow to dry.

  6. Glue the pieces of the pin together. Allow to dry.

  7. Using a small piece of washi tape, secure the safety pin onto the back side of your pin.

  8. Wear your Wundrous Society Pin with pride!!

‘It isn’t really like a normal school. Scholars in the Wundrous Society are never coddled. People think Society members are given a free ride, that once you get this little golden pin’ – he tapped the W on his lapel – ‘the world will smooth itself out for you, and your path will always be free and easy. And they’re sort of right – the old gold spikes certainly open doors. Respect, adventure, fame. Reserved seats on the Wunderground. Pin privilege, people call it.’ He rolled his eyes. ‘But within Society walls you’re expected to earn that privilege. Not just in the trials, not just once, but over and over again, for the rest of your life, by proving that you’re worthy of it. Proving you’re special.’ - Jupiter North, Nevermoor