• Hana

The Storm Keeper's Island: Discussion Guide

When Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arranmore Island, it feels as though the island itself wakes up. Fionn has no idea when he arrives on Arranmore island to spend time with his Grandfather that he’s going to learn all about the unique magic the island holds, and his own family’s role in protecting it!

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As you read through The Storm Keeper's Island by Catherine Doyle with your family, we’ve got a list of questions for you to ponder and discuss.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Arranmore Island feels like a character in The Storm Keeper's Island, not just the setting of the book. Discuss other stories you've read in which the setting feels like another character in the book.

  2. When Fionn meets Shelby, she tells him about the legend of Arranmore Island. Does the place that you live have any myths or legends related to it? Discuss what you know, or spend some time discussing and creating some new ones.

  3. 'You'd be surprised how feel people care about the past, Fionn.' 'I bet I wouldn't.' Why do you think lots of people don't seem to care about the past? Do you think that knowing about the past is important or not? Discuss.

  4. Of Dagda's five gifts, which do you think would be the most useful? Which would you pick to use?

  5. Malachy creates a candle of their picnic. What memory would you create a candle of, if you could?

You can download a free PDF copy of the discussion questions to use with your family here.