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Wonder Family Book Club: 'Wonder' Celebration Ideas

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We've got some great ideas for your family to celebrate the messages and themes in the 'Wonder' book by R.J. Palacio


You’ve read Wonder, and now it’s time to celebrate! We’ve got some great ideas to help you plan!

What does every good celebration need?

  • some yummy food

  • some fun and fitting decorations

  • a special treat

...some yummy food


As I was talking, she spooned in the chocolate powder and started rolling a small whisk between her palms really fast.


“Are you hungry?” she asked. “Starving. Can I have a grilled cheese?”


I do ordinary things. I eat ice cream.

I love these three options as celebration food. They’re quick and easy. Everyone loves them… and… the kids can get in the kitchen and help prepare everything - which they will LOVE!

We’ve created a fun menu for you to print out for your celebration. Download the free pdf here.

...some fun and fitting decorations

Make a precept postcard garland. You could do this easily in advance, as you read through the book. All you’ll need is a handful of postcards, some pens and art supplies, a hole punch, some bakers twine or string, and a pair of scissors. Use either Mr Browne’s list of precepts (which you can find in the appendix on page 311) or with some precepts you’ve discovered or created while you’ve been reading Wonder and write one on each of your postcards. Punch a hole in the top two corners of each postcard and thread through the bakers twine. Easy-peasy - you’ve made a super special precept garland!

Check out our Kindness place mats. We’ve got two designs, in either colour or black and white, just print out your chosen option for each person. Lay them out on the table, with a handful of felt tips or pens. Before you dig into your celebration feast, get everyone to write their name on their place mat and then follow the instructions on the place mat. You can download a free pdf of the placemats here.

...a special treat!

My girls absolutely love it when we discover that the book we’ve just read was made into a movie! There’s nothing like watching a movie that was based on a book you loved and then dissecting how well you think they did with an ice cream sundae - and such a fun way to further your discussions about the book!

Lucky for us, Wonder was turned into a movie in 2018. As if I need to warn you - but it’s a bit of a tear-jerker! I dare you to watch it without ugly-crying any time Julia Roberts is on the screen!

...and if you haven't yet, grab your own copy of Wonder here

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