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Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Wonder is, at it’s heart, a book about kindness. This book is such a great read-aloud. Using our ideas below, explore with your family, how the bravest and best thing you can do is choose to be kind.



Wonder follows the life of ten-year-old Auggie Pullman as he navigates his first year at school. As Auggie says, getting through fifth grade is not easy, even if you’re not him.

Wonder Family Book Club Make an Egyptian Artefact.JPG

activity #01 - make an Egyptian artefact

Just like the fifth graders at Beecher Prep, for our first family book club activity, we are going to make Egyptian Artefacts!

You can download a free pdf copy of the ‘pick your Egyptian Artefact’ here.

For all the details and some inspiration, check out our blog post here.

Wonder Family Book Club: Celebration Party

celebration ideas!


You’ve read Wonder, and now it’s time to celebrate! We’ve got some great ideas to help you plan!

What does every good celebration need?

  • some yummy food

  • some fun and fitting decorations

  • a special treat

Check out our blog post for some great inspiration and printables.

Wonder Quote 01

book quotes

Follow our instagram for all of our favourite quotes from Wonder.

finished pennants.JPG

activity #02 - make a precept pennant

Our second activity for the Wonder Family Book Club is to make a Precept Pennant.

We love thinking about precepts, because it helps us think about what our values are and what we view as important.

So why not make a pennant with a precept that means a lot to you, which can be hung and viewed and thought about!

Check out all the details right here.

Wonder Discussion Question 01

discussion guide

Follow our instagram to get in-depth questions to ponder as you read Wonder together. You can download a free pdf copy of the discussion guide for Wonder right here.

Tote in Action INSTA.JPG

activity #03 Via’s craft project

Auggie’s big sister Via is super-crafty!

So we thought for our third activity of the Wonder family book club, we would get crafty in Via’s honour!

 We’re making Wonder inspired tote bags.

Check out all the details right here.